Jan 2018 Meeting Minutes


RHANA Minutes

January 28, 2018


The special called meeting of RHANA was held on Sunday January 28, 2018 at 7016 Culver Avenue. and called to order by President Adair Taulbee at 3:15 p.m. There were 34 members and guests attending, including three of the officers of RHANA. President Taulbee thanked all those for coming.



First to speak was NPO officer J.A. Pennington, who goes by Allen.  He spoke briefly due to another neighborhood meeting to attend in Ridglea Hills meeting at the same time. He complimented RHANA for doing what is the best practice for safe neighborhoods (neighbors getting to know neighbors.) Allen has been with Fort Worth Police for 9 years (previously with Tarrant County Sherriff’s office) and lives in Ridglea Hills. He stressed that we must keep doors, sheds, and cars locked. There have been some sheds broken into, but he does not feel crime is “up” in the neighborhood, just more communication about crime is occurring through social media and other channels. He also stressed that if you have a crime on your property, no matter how minor, it must be reported. Minor reports can be made by phone on the non-emergency number or online at http://www.fortworthpd.com/online/coplogic-start-report.aspx. Crime statistics drive the police patrol manpower assigned for neighborhoods. Therefore, it is in the best interest of us all to report crimes so we can have more patrols. 911 should be used for emergencies or crimes still in progress.


Second to speak was Kell Douglas, also of Ridglea Hills. She is Captain of our neighborhood Citizens on Patrol (COPs) Program, She took the position after RHANA’s own Betty Epperson passed away. She praised RHANA for being involved in COPs since 1991 and a founding member in Fort Worth. She gave a brief history of COPs, a National program in conjunction with police agencies to train citizens to do active crime watch patrols. Unfortunately, numbers of participants in our small area have declined and Kell made an appeal to have our members join her. Training is mandatory along with a ride-along with a police officer. A background check will also be done. You can walk or drive your own car to patrol. You do not intervene in criminal situations, just call them in. There are some gift card incentives for those driving and donating their own gasoline (up to $500 yearly). She assures us, it is a rewarding experience and your neighbors will be appreciative. President Taulbee has the brochures or you can visit the web site at:   https://www.fortworthpd.com/get-involved/citizens-on-patrol.aspx



Diana Jackson gave the Treasurer’s reports. The Financial report covering November 17, 2017 to January 17, 2018 was published in the January Newsletter. This showed a balance of $2,377.87 with expenses of $389.07 and deposits $560.00.  Tommy Farris moved approval of the report as printed in the newsletter. It was seconded and Approved. Diane accounted for the $340.00 collected from members and businesses to “adopt” two Lena Pope families for Christmas. She mentioned the majority of the money spent ($233.41) went for food as Lena Pope has changed the rules on purchasing for the children. She also gave the Financial report for January 17, 2018 to January 27, 2018 showing a balance of $2,388.87 with deposits of $435.00 and expenses of $57.20. She also reported membership at 24 residents & 2 businesses. (Renewals in progress.) Mike Narramore moved that the Financial report be accepted. It was seconded and Approved.


Adair Taulbee gave her President’s report. She reported that she and other officers are monitoring the Bethel UMC situation. The latest information is that it was bought by a father/son duo who have bought it for development or as an investment. She has tried to make contact to ask their intentions. No reply yet and she will send a certified letter next. (The father is from Wichita Falls, the son lives in Ridglea Hills.) The church land is zoned as commercial. RHANA must be notified if a zoning change is requested. It was asked if there is a deed restriction on land–no information on that. She reports that RHANA is staying on top of it. A consensus of members present did not wish for a gas station or similar retail to go in and would be in opposition. Several present reported that trucks were seen there all this past week removing things from the church.



President Taulbee asked those present for preferences of meeting times and dates. Due to the loss of our meeting place at Bethel UMC, this is a good time to reassess meeting times and places. A vote taken showed a majority vote for weekend meetings with a smaller choice for weekday evenings. President Taulbee said that our new advertiser, Celebrations, had offered space there and that it would be a good choice so that families could bring their children along. She proposed a mix of weekend and weeknight meetings to meet more members’ needs. She will begin work on a bylaws change for the next meeting and a vote to change meetings. Current bylaws set Monday night as the time. Other suggestions were the Lutheran church and member homes.


President Taulbee asked the membership their preferences for focus in 2018. Bethel UMC development was listed first and some had a need for Code Compliance issues. Safety was mentioned and getting more volunteers for COPs. Several liked the Pop Up happy hours and wish to continue them. A suggestion was made to update the RHANA directory. Some do not wish to have their phone numbers published. It was also suggested that each street have their own directory. Another idea was to continue the” Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift bags with Newsletter Block Captains in charge of notifications.


President Taulbee also made an appeal for a volunteer to take the vacant secretary position for RHANA.


The Meeting was dismissed at 4:20 p.m. for refreshments and socializing and with many thanks to Kyle and Adair Taulbee for hosting in their lovely home.


Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Pearson, Acting Secretary


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